Sunday, July 29, 2012

Knife Shaved Noodles

Knife shaved noodles (刀削面) are made by slicing the noodles off of a chunk of dough into boiling water.  They come out thick and chewy with rough edges that pick up seasonings very well. This little noodle shop a few minutes' walk from Chunxi Road caught my eye because it offers one liang servings. Most places that do noodles handmade to order, such as bedspread noodles and knife shaved noodles, will prepare at minimum a two liang serving.

One liang of noodles with sauce:

Because of the day's heat, most of the other customers were digging into sweet liang gao, and then ordering noodles afterwards. The proprietor asked several questions - What flavour noodle toppings did I want? Did I want hot sauce? Really? Did I want noodles in broth, or (my choice) dry?

The noodles hit the spot, and the bowl of veg I ordered on the side was fresh and plentiful. I was happy to find a good, basic noodle shop this close to downtown.

Name of shop: 刀削面
Address in Chinese: 三圣街 58-11 号


  1. These noodles are delicious! There's a shop in Chicago's Chinatown, where you can watch the chef make these noodles through a large street-side window. I loved watching when I was a kid. Good post!

  2. hell no..... this is the city where i'm from. yet reading this blog makes me feel as if it were somewhere i've never been!

  3. Oh my god, I so want noodles now.

  4. Nice Post! I have been wanting to visit Chengdu. Will definitely check out this noodle hosue.


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