Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Stuff: Aizi Xian Bing

Getting treatment at the Chinese Traditional Medicine hospital is a popular and usually inexpensive alternative to western medicine, but a couple of long waits are involved – first when when you take your number and wait to see the doctor, and second,while you are waiting for your prescription to be filled. We noticed quite a few people taking advantage of the lull to pick up a package of 'aizi xian bing' - the name means something like short stuffed buns - from this little storefront on the west first ring. I don't know any other place that sells them, but they are supposedly a Wuhan import. 

There is usually a lineup at the window. Flavours are red and green bean, coconut, and sesame. They are fantastic when fresh and warm, and my favourites are green bean and coconut. I tried to buy sesame filling once and was told they were not good, not sweet enough.


Name in Chinese: 矮子馅饼

Address: 一环路西二段36号附2号

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