Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twice-Cooked Pork Noodles

Chengdu has so many great noodle shops that you can afford to be choosy. I tend to avoid places where you can't get greens on the side, or which only offer large servings, or use the easily stained plastic bowls. This little place in Xiao Jia He would be ruled out on any of these counts, but I was intrigued by how popular it seemed. Customers were pulling up in vehicles, a sign that the noodle shop's draw extends far beyond the neighbourhood.

Another sign of popularity was the amount of overflow seating, with customers pulling up small stools and digging into bowls of noodles perched on top of larger stools.

The most popular order was twice-cooked pork noodles (回锅肉面). They cost a whopping nine yuan, but came in a generous serving. As spicy and oily as you could wish.


I would definitely come back and try the spicy stomach noodles (红肚面) or rabbit noodles (红烧仔兔面).

Address in Chinese: 肖家河环二巷路口. Area is a maze of alleys so this one is a bit tougher to find than most.

Fresh Milk Tea

Bubble tea vendors are all over town, but finding a cup of tea that is not made from artificially coloured and flavoured powder is tough. I recently learned that you need to ask for tea made from fresh milk (鲜奶茶) to get the real deal.  It costs about double the regular kinds of tea, but is worth it.

This vendor on Jian She Nan Xin Lu is popular on sunny days.

Location in Chinese: 建设南新路 83 号