Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hong Xing

When Chengdu folks are asked about good places to get local food, Hong Xing is one of the most frequent recommendations. A taxi driver is just as likely to mention it as a well-heeled businessperson. I'd been in the Zijin Rd Hong Xing before and liked it a lot, and stopped in at the Yang Xi Xian location recently.

My favourite dish of the day, the iron plate eggplant (铁板茄子). Perfectly cooked eggplant in a tangy sauce. Some of the pieces had meat stuffing, but it wasn't heavy at all.

One of our cold dishes, the liang fen (凉粉). Nice classic local dish, though much different than the menu picture.

Donkey in aspic, a nice refreshing cold meat dish, even better after a dip in the dressing that came on the side.

 We had to try their dan dan noodles. Just ok.

Tea tree mushrooms were done up in a very typical local taste, but with shredded onions on top making the dish look like Beijing-style jing jiang rou si. Very clever.

Nicely done order of kong xin cai (空心菜)

They didn't have gong bao ji ding but we could order gong bao rou ding, which uses pork instead of chicken. I thought chicken would have been better.

Dining room.

The servers at Hong Xing all seem to be well managed and well trained, which really adds to the experience. Hong Xing is an occasion restaurant but is also an ideal place for those times when you just want to get together with people and eat well without breaking the bank.

Name in Chinese: 红杏

Address: 西延线蜀汉路289号一品天下美食街

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