Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liang Mian and Guo Kui

Liang mian (cool noodles) is the number one street food in Chengdu once the weather gets hot. Wheat noodles are usually mixed with bean sprouts or shredded cucumber and then mixed up with a spicy seasoning. On hot days, those sold from the mobile vendors can be more like 'ambient temperature noodles' than cool noodles, so I prefer to eat them from the shops. This bowl, from the Zhang's on Renmin Mid Rd, is topped with a few shreds of chicken.

After mixing:

I also got a stewed meat guo kui (卤肉锅魁) from the shop next door. The bread was a little hard but they poured lots of the juice over it:

Name in Chinese: 张凉粉
Location: 人民中路一段32号、

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