Friday, May 27, 2011

Delicious Fish

Delicious Fish is a chain that does a popular version of the local barbecued fish - first grilled, then smothered in a large pan with seasoning and vegetables.

Like most grilled fish places, they have a few varieties that you order by the pound and then choose the post-grill flavour treatment. We asked the server what kind of fish had few bones and she recommended the helian (河鲢) as having a good meat/weight ratio. For flavour we asked for fragrant-spicy (香辣). Those who really want the spicy treatment can order fresh pepper (鲜椒) or pickled pepper (泡椒) and those with more timid palates can order black bean (豆豉) . Besides grilled fish, they also had several types of dry pot (干锅).

I ordered a small cup of the black Qingdao they have on tap, and the server set down a stein as tall as a chopstick. She confirmed it was a lady-sized glass (妇女杯).

Grilled fish usually takes time to prepare, particularly at busy places, so it's a good idea to get appetizers or snacks if you arrive hungry. At Delicious Fish they didn't have the stick barbecue that we usually like to get as an appetizer, but we saw orders of french fries going out to many tables so we asked for some. The fries themselves were pretty ordinary but came topped with bacon and had ketchup and mayo on the side, a genius presentation that we hope catches on.

Still, we were waiting over an hour for our order and were starving once it arrived.  The 'fragrant-spicy' fish more than lived up to its billing. It was well grilled with tender meat and crispy skin.The veg on top were a crazy medley of cucumber, pineapple, hot pepper, peanuts, green onions, and other good stuff.

By the time we left there were quite a few customers waiting outside.

Name in Chinese: 滋味烤鱼店
Address: 超洋路1号香槟梧桐9号楼1楼A-02号

Near Yiguanmiao on the first ring, in the complex behind Chaoyang Huayuan.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I had this dish for the first time on my birthday last year, so amazing! Is it simply called "grilled fish" or is there a specific name for the dish? If you know of one, I would really like to read the characters/pinyin.

  2. Hi, yes, just grilled fish - 烤鱼.

    qq just did a slide show of some of Chengdu's best, including a branch of this chain.


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