Thursday, April 21, 2011

Organic Veg from Wen Jing Yuan

Part of my haul today from Wen Jing Yuan, a small store that sells organic produce:


The beets were a whopping 16 yuan per pound, though as a repeat customer I got a discount. Also pictured are a couple of bunches of gai lan and chrysanthemum greens, which were 12-14 yuan per pound.They also sell 'healthy' pork (健康肉). I am not sure what classifies the pork as healthy, though it is not organic.

With people getting more and more concerned about their food supply it's no surprise that food products labelled green (绿色) , ecological (生态), and organic (有机) are getting more and more common. Organic seems to be the strictest and rarest classification.  The reason I like going to Wen Jing Yuan is not that the produce is organic, but it is fresh and beautiful and they have things like beets, Swiss chard, kohlrabi, and red and green leaf lettuce.

They have a few locations in Chengdu and one in Chongzhou.


I am copying the addresses in town from their website, though I have only been to the Shaoling Rd. location. The storekeeper said that you could call ahead anytime (in Chinese) and ask for what was fresh or make specific requests.


电话:028 - 84597775

Shaoling Rd:

电话:028 - 85050778

Xidan Market


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