Friday, April 29, 2011

Gelato at koko casa

Koko casa opened up last year in the new Yanlord Landmark building. They serve very good coffee and sell some of the best handmade chocolates I've ever eaten, anywhere. So I was excited to try their gelato.

The gelato is all house made and the flavours today included coconut, Thai milk tea, tomato, stout beer, dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, and others. I liked the tomato gelato, with a creamy base and mild tomato flavour, and the Thai milk tea was good but a little sweet. They let you mix two flavours in a small, 28 yuan cup so I ended up getting half vanilla and half blueberry/black currant.

The fruit flavours were nice and clear. The vanilla had flecks of vanilla bean. I really appreciated that it was served just cold enough to be solid.


Location: Yanlord Landmark building B, 3d floor

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  1. I was also amazed by their chocolates...the huajiao dark chocolates are to dye for!


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