Monday, March 28, 2011

Wu Gu Liang Cang

The name Wu Gu Liang Cang  means something like 'five-grain granary'. The menu could not be simpler – congee, cold dishes, and dou hua (soft tofu). They also had baozi (steamed buns with filling) and wowo tou (steamed nest shaped buns). They had pumpkin congee, one made from preserved egg, several types of mixed grain congee, and one very good congee made from soy milk.

The servers seemed very well trained and were good at explaining the ingredients, flavours, and health benefits of each dish. There is no English menu but the cold dishes are arranged in a way that makes it very easy to choose by pointing, and the congee is self-serve all you can eat. The congee bases and other grains were also for sale from bins down the centre of the dining room. Many of the sidewalk passersby were also stopping to to look inside, which meant it hadn't been open long. A server confirmed they were only a month old. 


I picked out a colourful dish of tiny 'silver needle' fish that had been fried and mixed with potato shreds, onions, cilanto, and peppers in a spicy dressing. There was not a great deal of fish on the plate, but everything else tasted so good I didn't care. Others were eating cucumbers, black bean fish, mixed tofu skins, eggplant, zhe er gen, and other small plates – all very simple stuff, but with obvious care taken in preparing and displaying the dishes. This place costs two to three times what you would spend on a bowl of congee and plate of cool dishes at other places, but the quality and location makes it well worth it. I hope this place catches on.  They open at seven for breakfast.


Name in Chinese: 五谷粮仓 
Address: 桐梓林南路 9号 36

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