Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tea at Huang Cheng Lao Ma

This south location of the city's most famous hot pot restaurant has a tea house on the fourth floor.

They had a small but well-chosen selection of teas, including the big names like Long Jing, Tie Guan Yin and Red Robe and also a nice group of local teas. We decided to try a local tea from Guang An.  The leaves were a beautiful emerald colour and tasted very fresh.

From the snacks menu we tried chao shou, which came only in clear (not spicy) soup, and zhong shui jiao.

Classic chao shou - mild, tender, and delicate, in a fantastic soup.

The zhong shui jiao dumplings were very good too. I was really impressed with the just-chewy-enough wrappers and the filling tasted like real meat, which is getting disturbingly rare in town lately.

The building that houses this branch of Huang Cheng Lao Ma is like a museum, and it felt like we were eating museum specimens of these traditional snacks.  Besides dumplings and noodles they have a small selection of set meals and snacks, at prices that reflect the prestige of the place but are not out of line with the quality we have come to expect from their kitchen.

Name in Chinese: 皇城老妈
Address: 二环路南三段 20 号


  1. I have been dreaming of the Zhong Shui Jiao every day since we went to tea here! So delicious!

  2. We had a few perfect afternoons at this tea house a few years ago. Is the one-legged bird still there? I miss Chengdu!


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