Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mianyang Street Snack - Yu Ji Beef Pastry

One evening in Mianyang I came across this little shop front selling beef pastries. They looked a little like fried-style guo kui and were being cooked on the same kind of round, shallow pan, but were much thicker.  What really made me take note was the lineup of people outside. I had just eaten, but decided to join the line.

The workers were going very quickly. A sign recommended exact change. The guy standing two people in front of me ordered ten of them.

The outside pastry was tender without falling apart and the filling was dense, quite salty, seasoned ground beef. It tasted amazing and stayed hot for several minutes, making a nice hand warmer on a chilly evening. I loved it.  I've never seen this snack in Chengdu, but can find online rumours of it in Deyang (a city between Mianyang and Chengdu.)

Another day my taxi happened to go by the same spot, but at four thirty in the afternoon. There was the same lineup of people. I am going to make a point of stopping here whenever I am in Mianyang. The pastries are two yuan each.

Name in Chinese: 愚记 牛肉饼
Location: Not sure of exact address, near  Huoju (火炬) area.

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