Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beichuan Bacon in Mianyang

Mianyang is the second largest city in Sichuan province, about two hours by bus or train from Chengdu. I was up there for work recently and stopped at this little restaurant by the bus station which was advertising Guanghan twice cooked pork ( 广汉回锅肉, which comes in enormous slices) and Beichuan bacon (北川 老腊肉).

Beichuan is best known as one of the places that sustained a great deal of damage in the 2008 earthquake. One good rule of thumb for cold weather eating anywhere in Sichuan  is 'try the bacon' so that is what I ordered:


Liked it a lot. Chewy and not too salty and made really simply with the garlic stems.

Location: alley by the Mianyang bus station.

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