Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to Yang Yang

Always one of the best-known local restaurants among Chengdu's laowai crowd, Yang Yang  has gotten quite a bit of English language press during the past year. I hadn't been for a very long time and recently stopped back in.

Clockwise from bottom:

Iron plate Japanese tofu (must order, this is one of the dishes that packs in the locals).

Dry fried green beans. Dry fried green beans are sadly disappearing off of Chengdu menus; many newer homestyle restaurants no longer offer them. I always order this dish if I can and Yang Yang's version is decent.

Upper right, a plate of you cai.

On the right, potato twice-cooked pork. I was looking on both the English and Chinese menu and they only had plain twice cooked pork. I asked the server why there was only that version and she said "Oh, we can add stuff. Green peppers, potato..." I immediately asked for potato twice cooked pork (土豆回锅肉). It was fantastic.

This is one of the more popular dishes among the foreigner crowd, their dry fried potatoes. They were....deep fried. The menu had both dry fried and deep fried potatoes. I asked the server what was up and she said "Oh, they are the same thing." I didn't love them but they are a nice side to a dish with a tangy sauce, like the tofu.

The shredded cabbage and bean threads:


Even in the smallest alley restaurants, the cabbage in this dish is usually in thin shreds that blend nicely with the bean threads.  The knife work on this dish was highly unimpressive. They also gave us a dish of stir-fried pea shoots that were overgrown and a bit woody.

So we had a few hits and a few misses here. It's still one of the places I usually recommend to visitors since there is an English menu and the staff is very used to dealing with foreigners - they don't even blink if you ask for no msg. However, except for the tofu you can find equally good or better versions of these dishes elsewhere.

Name: 杨杨 餐馆
Address: 武侯区锦苑巷24号

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