Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mengzi Crossing the Bridge Noodles

In local bookstores, the Chicken Soup for the Soul books are sold with literally translated titles. I always wonder what kind of chicken soup comes to mind when people see that title. I think Crossing the Bridge Noodles is a pretty good candidate. I haven't eaten many bowls of these noodles after my previous favourite  place went downhill, but I recently spied a newly opened shop with a very similar name in the bottom of the Roman Holiday Plaza at Gaoshengqiao.

Platter of stir-ins:

Among the usual suspects was a bowl of chrysanthemum petals (small bowl at the top beside the crispy chicken skin). It's pretty common knowledge that the chicken broth made by the famous Brothers Jiang chain contains chrysanthemum as an ingredient, but this is the first time I'd had the fresh petals as a stir-in. The soup served here was good, and came in an enormous bowl.

The interior has picture menus, making it easy to order. They have a non-smoking sign, which was being ignored.

The proprietor said he was not part of a chain, and makes the genuine article.

Name in Chinese: 蒙自过桥米线
Address: 罗马 假日 广场 A3-126, lower level in the centre

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