Friday, November 26, 2010

Squid and Chicken Hot Pot

I am not sure how the whole squid and chicken thing got started, but it has become a pretty popular combination. This hot pot restaurant to the south of Qin Tai lu specializes in squid and chicken hot pot. Soup, pre-boiling:

These chao shou that we ordered to cook in the soup were fantastic.

We also wanted a spicy dish, so ordered a dry pot frog (干锅青蛙)

Spicy frog dishes in Chengdu are usually amazingly delicious. However, you need to order them in the summer time when the fields are full of the critters. We were a bit past the season and were eating farmed frogs. (Bullfrog, 牛蛙, is also available in the colder months but is not as well loved.)

Name in Chinese and address: 龙二妹鱿鱼鸡, 青羊区锦里西路98号附3号
Along the river south of Qin Tai Rd.

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