Friday, November 26, 2010

Soft Tofu across from Minorities University Bayi campus

A few weeks ago I got pretty lost around Bayi, the area filled with wholesale furniture stores in the southwest. Down a small street was a row of fly restaurants. Since it was lunchtime I decided to try the dou hua (soft tofu) at this one:

Not til I sat down did I realize this was a point and choose type of place, where you could ask for a selection of dishes from whatever they had on display. Proteins:



I stuck with my original choice of dou hua, which came with a bowl of spicy oil and pepper paste seasoned with onions and msg. I had to persuade the proprietor not to give me a huge portion. 

View from the dining room:

Location: Tai Ping Yuan Jie, across the street from the Bayi campus of the Minorities University.

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