Friday, November 26, 2010

Huang Cheng Ba Halal Beef

Many people have this mental image of Chinese halal food as being meat on skewers or Xinjiang-style dishes, but it is much more than that. Beef based halal hot pot can even be found in Sichuan. On, the highly useful Yelp-style Chinese restaurant guide, Huang Cheng Ba is the highest-rated halal restaurant in town. I like the food a lot, and often bring visitors here.

Stewed pumpkin with red dates, beef soup, pickled cabbage and soybeans, and dipping sauce:

The double-flavour beef (双味牛排), deep fried beef slices with two seasonings, is one of the specialties. We liked it though thought it was a little dry. After it had sat for a while we were eating it dipped in the soup.

Golden sand corn (金沙玉米), corn kernels coated in a batter that usually includes egg yolk and then deep fried. Artery-clogging and delicious.

The popularity of this place means you are often waiting for a table, and the servers seem focused on herding people in and out as efficiently as possible. Customers order from an all characters check-off menu, which makes the place a bit difficult for those lacking Chinese skills. It's also loud, not the place to bring a soft-spoken eating companion. However, the food is delicious and well priced. They also have a takeout window where you can buy cold sliced beef tendon and fuqi fei pian.

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