Friday, November 26, 2010

Dolphin Sweets

Went to check out the new Galeria shopping mall (凯丹广场) today, down near the south Auchan. Several of the stores are not open yet, but the city's first H&M was crawling with customers and both floors of Zara were open for business. The Uniqlo store wasn't open yet. At times it was tough to find my way between levels, but I absolutely love the natural light on the inside:

I was ready for a break when I spotted a branch of Dolphin Sweets (多副甜品) on the top level. There are a few other branches of Dolphin in town; one in the basement of Renhe Spring on the west second ring, and one in Tongzilin. (I tried to go into the Tongzilin store once but it was really smoky.) The interior is comfortable and nicely decorated:

Their specialty is sweet soft tofu, though they do have some other ice cream, fruit, shan cao (mountain herb) and shaved ice concoctions on their well illustrated but all characters menu. The server was very good, and recommended this mixture of coconut milk with various beans, grains, and large and small tapioca mixed in. She said it was good for the skin.

I thought it was served a bit oddly, with only a small spoon, but it was pretty delicious and not too sweet. I plan on trying one of the tofu desserts next time.

Name in Chines and location:
凯丹广场 4 楼

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