Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holiday Special: Dim Sum at the Millenium

The Millenium is one of the high end hotels that have been popping up like mushrooms all over town, and is located in a residential area on Shenxianshu South Rd. Over the holiday their Chinese restaurant on the second floor had a dim sum special that I decided to check out.

Interior, with retro and metallic decor in the dining room. Very well done except for the carpet, which is a terrible idea in a humid and warm climate.

There were about fifty items on the check-off dim sum menu, which was on for 88 yuan per person. The menu had no greens, so I ordered a side of gai lan which they didn't charge me for:

Shrimp dumplings, the first ones on the menu but not the kind I usually order. Their shape and the filling showing through the translucent skin made them look like small sea creatures. Delicious, with big chunks of shrimp, water chestnuts, and other good stuff inside.

Baked barbecue pork buns, not much bigger than ping pong balls, nicely browned and filled with delectable pork and barbecue sauce. Some of the best I've ever eaten. The pork flavour really came through.

Turnip cake, not the least bit stodgy, filled with delicate shreds of turnip. Browned just shy of a char. I asked for sauce and got a spicy red sauce that tasted like it was made with some fermented ingredient like dou ban or shrimp sauce. Delicious.

For a very long time I avoided ordering anything with water chestnuts (马蹄) on a menu because I thought it would be made from a literal horse's hoof. I mean, you never know, right? This water chestnut cake was sweet and had crunchy chunks of water chestnut inside a lovely translucent filling. It had also been fried, which I didn't expect, and was crispy on the outside. Fantastic.

Tapioca in grapefruit cream dessert. Nice and light and refreshing, with the tapioca at a good texture.

Shrimp and chive filled rice rolls were gorgeous. My one problem with this dish was the shrimp were a bit flavourless. Their texture was perfect though.

This dim sum made me sorry I'd waited so long to try the place out. Whoever is cooking here definitely has some skill and some guts. I had walked in and looked around before, but had never been impressed with the service - the hosts seem to be on the phone constantly and the servers seem to be very adept at avoiding eye contact. However, on this visit after I got seated I was very well looked after.

Yipin Restaurant
 Millenium Hotel, 2nd Floor 
No.41, South Shenxianshu Road,
Chengdu 610041 


  1. This looks like a wonderful meal. It's really great to have you posting regularly again!

  2. The food looks like artwork. Must get to Millenium Hotel. Thanks for the post!


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