Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mao Cai at Dai Family Qionglai Noodles

Dai Family Qionglai noodles is also known for their mao cai. I went the other day. Breaking my rule of ordering mao cai only at places where you can choose your own vegetables. I ordered a vegetarian mao cai and specifically told them not to add blood.

The mao cai flavour was great, but had too much starchy stuff and not enough greens, reminding me why I like to pick out my own stuff. Next time I will get noodles.

Pumpkin congee and a kind of dry, spicy pao cai on the side:



  1. Can't wait to visit Chengdu in a few weeks. Hope I can understand the Sichuan accented Mandarin enough and them my bastardized Cantonese laced version.
    Q: What is Mao Cai (Mao like in fur? I know Cai =Vegetable)
    Looks like lotus root in the picture.

  2. Yeah, that's my problem with 冒菜。 I order a "half-meat, half-veggie" bowl, and still it's 90% potatoes and starchy vegetables and you need a microscope to find the meat.

    I prefer 串串香 or 钵钵鸡, where you're picking out the ingredients on sticks so you know exactly what's going into the bowl. And I don't find it any more expensive than 冒菜。


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