Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buckwheat Noodles from Grandma Wang's

There are two locations, that I know of, for Grandma Wang's. One is this one on Yulin South, and the other is in the same complex as the Qingshiqiao da pai dangs. I'd planned to eat at a Hong Kong restaurant the other evening but the weather was so humid and hot I felt like eating something numbing and spicy (ma la), which is supposed to help the body deal with heat and dampness.

Beef buckwheat noodles (牛肉荞面), made fresh from the press and cooked only for a few seconds.

I also got a bacon rice dumpling (zhongzi). It had mostly red bean and a few tiny pieces of bacon, but for two yuan it was fine.

Their vegetable was boiled lettuce.

While I was eating a woman came up and bought bags of ye'er ba, smooth yellowish sticky rice dumplings filled with ground pork and ya cai, a kind of preserved vegetable.

Address: Yulin South Road, just north of the Yulin Plaza.
玉林南路, 玉林生活广场外

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