Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mu Dian Ren Jia Noodle House

Ever been hopelessly lost and really hungry in a strange place and then found a little place to eat that made everything feel all right? I got really lost last week between the west 1st and 2nd rings, trying to find my way back to Huanhuaxi Park, and ended up almost at Metro. I ran into this noodle shop on my way. The menu was really unusual - squid noodles? In Chengdu?

An order of ba ba cai (boiled cabbage):

I ordered a liang of their specialty, yu xiang rib noodles (鱼香排骨面). Stirring the noodles revealed a stowaway dumpling in the bowl, which met the same fate it was trying to escape by hiding in the noodles.

They also have jiaozi, chao shou, and a few other types of noodles such as hot pepper beef noodles (生椒 牛肉面), wild shiitake mushroom noodles (野生香菇面), and spicy eel noodles (鳝鱼面). A few of the items are pictured on the walls. You can add a fried egg to any of the soups, for an extra charge, or get a bowl of congee or a stewed egg to round out your lunch. They also have snacks like sesame stuffed rice dumplings in soup (汤圆).


Address is 13-14 mu dian lu, but don't ask me how to get there.

Address in chinese: 牧电路 13 14

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