Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Visit to Xi Da Dou Tang Fan

This dou tang restaurant has become a regular haunt of mine. Went back recently with a friend in tow to try a few of their homestyle dishes. It was lunch time and the place was packed with some folding tables set up outside. The boss was clearly in his element, taking and running orders and greeting regulars. We ordered a bowl of dou tang each and some dry fried eggplant (干煸 茄子):

The eggplant came out properly smoky. Whoever is wielding the wok here knows their trade well.

Tiger-skin green peppers (虎皮青椒). I like these a little darker, but no complaints:

Gong bao chicken (宫暴鸡丁). Within a few seconds of this hitting the table our chopsticks were a blur picking out the tender chunks of chicken and leek and crunchy peanuts. Really beautiful and the peanuts' freshly toasted flavour added to the dish without making it too much about the peanuts.

We found that with the good but very filling soup it was a bit too much food for two of us, one meat and one veg dish would have been enough.

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