Friday, April 2, 2010

The Tea Museum at Emei Mountain City

Emei Mountain is one of the main tea growing areas in the province and Zhuyeqing is a large local producer. There are Zhuyeqing shops all over Chengdu and you can buy the tea everywhere. They have a tea park and museum in Emeishan city. Visitors to the museum are greeted with a small cup of green tea and invited to see a tea demonstration. They have a couple of girls do a graceful gong fu ceremony and then a man shows off his skills with the long-spouted tea pot.

Behind the park area was a field with rows of tea bushes. Workers were picking the new young leaves. Tea harvested before Tomb Sweeping Day (this coming Monday) is supposed to be the best.

Inside her basket:

The fresh leaves being weighed:

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  1. I have really enjoyed all the tea labelled Mt Emei that I have tried so far.
    I am particularly fond of the zhuyeqing style that looks like new bamboo shoots in one's glass.
    Thanks for the evocative photos!
    Lisa in Toronto


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