Friday, April 9, 2010

Rabbit Stomach Noodles

Update: This place is now a different restaurant.

Today I went by the west gate of the Nationalities University specifically to get fried spicy potatoes from the potato lady. Sadly she wasn't there so I ended up in this noodle shop. It's the kind of place that is furnished with mismatched tables and stacking stools, but looks reasonably clean inside. The bowl of noodle water they gave me tasted like the freshly ground flour we used to make from our own wheat at home.

Table setting, with little crocks of soy sauce and vinegar:

I asked the server for fragrant spicy diced rabbit noodles (香辣兔丁面) from their list of dry mixed noodles. She said they were out, so that left me with my second choice: rabbit stomach noodles (兔肚面). She was a little worried. "Those are pretty hot, can you handle it?"

The noodles were spicy as promised, from both hot pepper oil, pickled, and dry peppers. (This combination gives you an initial hit of spice, then it develops, then there is an afterburn. At no point is it overwhelmingly hot, however.) There were large chunks of cooked garlic as well. The little pieces of rabbit stomach had a mild flavour very similar to rabbit meat but were chewier and tender at the same time. Delicious. They cooked the noodles a bit too soft though, and I would ask for less oil next time. My one liang serving of noodles, bowl of well-trimmed boiled lettuce, and gratis noodle water came to 4.5 yuan.

Not sure of complete name; I couldn't read the first character. It's __ 姐面馆, around the corner from Leanna's Bakery. Address is #10-11 Shuhan Jie.

Address in Chinese: 蜀汉街 10号 -11

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