Thursday, April 29, 2010

Qionglai Noodle Soup

In the mood for Qionglai-style noodles, I debated going out to Dai family restaurant or hitting a more convenient shop on my way home. Convenience won out and I ended up in this little place near Gaoshengqiao:

I got an order of ji tang mao su cai, basically vegetables cooked in the chicken soup, which was delicious, if barely lukewarm. The vegetables were cabbage and a few pieces of winter melon.

And one liang of the noodles. The bowl that came was easily the equal of two-liang servings elsewhere. Their default noodles also come with meat on top, which I didn't quite expect. But they tasted fine, and paying 4.5 yuan for two bowls of soup felt like quite a bargain. The noodles at Dai's are good enough to be worth the trip out there though, and Dai's is cleaner.

Name in Chinese: 邛崃清汤面
Address: 武侯区广福桥北街8-23号

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