Monday, March 29, 2010

Snacks at Emeishan City

The snack street at Emeishan City was dead. I don't recommend coming here outside evening hours. After walking around for a while I found a noodle shop and got served a very good dish of rice noodles (mifen). There was ground pork, red oil, and lots of zha cai (pickled vegetable) on top. Spicy, sour, great.

On the way to the train we stopped by a dou hua restaurant and got a snack of shi mo dou hua, stone ground soft tofu. It's got a slightly smoky flavour and rougher texture. Little bowls of chopped green onion, red oil, and dou ban (spicy bean paste)were provided as condiment. I think this is the best dou hua I ever had, and will keep an eye out for it back in Chengdu.

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