Sunday, March 14, 2010

Indian Food at Ito Yokado

While perusing the offerings at the basement food court at Ito Yokado, I was surprised to see a Cacaja-affiliated Indian food counter. I ordered the masala chicken set meal (马撒辣鸡肉套餐) and a masala chai (马撒辣茶). The set meal was advertised with naan (烤饼), but came with rice. After I expressed disappointment they replaced the rice with roti (飞饼, or 'flying naan' on the English menu). The server explained that they used to have naan, but no longer serve it since Chinese people don't like naan. Which I don't believe for a minute.

There was a long wait for the food, but at least my roti was nice and fresh.

The tray from top right: some dal, a little pool of chicken in sauce spiced identically to the dal, some very good vegetables in a spicy red sauce, the roti, cucumber pao cai, and fruit. The potatos in the vegetable dish were cut in thin slices, Chinese style, instead of the chunks that I was expecting. There was plenty of spice used, but it lacked the life that freshly toasted and ground spices usually give even the most basic Indian food. At 28 yuan, it also wasn't cheap. Next time I will just order a roti and vegetable by itself. They have an English menu, but keep it behind the counter.

The chai was pretty good and a bargain at ten yuan:

A waffle cone of frozen yogurt from the dessert counter hit the spot after all the spicy food:

Location: First basement level of new Ito Yokado on Jianshe Road near the second ring, right across from SM Square

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