Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pork and Noodles, courtesy Air Chin@

The exact same two choices as last time I flew - chicken and rice or pork and noodles, ugh. I will be out of the country til mid March, and will resume posting then. Have a great holiday everyone!

Espresso at Lozzi

Doughnut shops have been popping up like mushrooms ever since Lozzi opened its doors. This is the off-the-menu espresso, which in many coffee places you need to order as 美式 - 不放水, or an Americano with no water. (Lozzi's default coffee is sickeningly sweet.) It's the perfect companion to one of their fresh doughnuts.

Lozzi Donuts
Chinese name: 啦滋多拿滋
Addresss: 锦江区东大街三段85号(近红星路步行街)

Southeast of Chunxi Rd, where Hong Xing Road meets Dong Da Street.

Dim Sum at Yue Zhong Canting

Before a trip back to the home country, I went on a shopping expedition to Chunxi Road and took along a friend whose fashion sense and shopping skills far outpace my own. By the time her fierce bargaining abilities had saved me hundreds on beautiful gifts we had worked up quite an appetite and made our way to Yue Zhong Canting, a Cantonese restaurant on the seventh floor of the Isetan department store. I'm going to show you the dessert first:

It's the nai huang xi sha bao (奶黄细沙包), a steamed sweet bun with a golden coconut custard 'fine sand' textured filling. We ordered it on the recommendation of our server.

Decadent and gorgeous.

Turnip cake (萝卜糕) is a must order whenever I eat dim sum. Theirs was ok.

These shrimp dumplings (虾饺) were very, very good. Almost no binding and fresh tasting shrimp.

They also have a menu of higher-end Cantonese food. The dim sum menu does not have vegetables on it, so we had to order greens from the high end menu. This order of gai lan was very good, but cost three times the amount of a dim sum item.

They have both the steamed and baked style of barbecue pork buns (叉烧包). This bun was very good, the filling was average.

We also got an order of fish slice congee (鱼片粥) that was pretty good.

The service was a step below the quality of the food, unfortunately. We both had the impression of being upsold while ordering, the staff seemed distracted and was tough to flag down whenever we needed something, and our pointing out a foreign object (hair) in one of the dishes was met with complete indifference. Also, most of the other tables had smokers - it seems like a business lunch destination - and the air quality was bad enough to interfere with one's sense of taste. Although there were some fantastic dishes, I am still on the lookout for really excellent dim sum in town.

There is an English and pictures menu of the higher end Cantonese food, and a limited English and picture menu for dim sum.

Name in Chinese: 悦中餐厅
Address: 锦江区红星路三段伊势丹百货海悦花园大酒店7楼