Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red River Grill

This cowboy themed restaurant popped up in a Dianping search for the top burgers in town. It's on the second floor of the Great World complex by the Carrefour.


House wine was on the drink menu for Y15 a glass (yay), but it was a tiny drop of mouth-drying changyu (boo).

The roll-up-your-sleeves Montana BBQ burger has a lot going on: tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, barbecue sauce, bacon, and a nicely toasted bun. Despite its heft it was not too hard to eat, staying together surprisingly well. The fries were the kind that come frozen in a bag, but had a bit better flavour than most in town and came hot.

Attractive looking orders of potato skins and pizza also passed by my table.

They have a mob of specials this month: 40% off on Tuesdays starting the 12th of January, and a New Year's special of 20% off from the 13th of January til the end of February. (Discounts are for food totals only.) They will, however, be closed from Feb 11 to Feb 17. But, during this time they will open on Valentine's for dinner. Whew, hope I've got that all straight.

Chinese Name: 红河 西餐厅

Address: 大世界广场 2 楼 1 号

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