Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Le Lai Guo Kui

On New Year's Day on Chunxi Rd, there were so many people that even in the middle of the afternoon there were lines out the door of many eating places. (It was the first time I have been surrounded by people and stuck, absolutely unable to move, while crossing a street.)

Lots of the window shoppers were snacking on guo kui (which has gotten a bit more expensive since that previous post. One guo kui chain that you find all over town is Le Lai Guo Kui (乐来锅魁). After fighting my way to the front of the crowd around the till I asked for a ya cai and minced chicken sandwich (芽菜鸡米锅魁), and an order of potatoes.

(The setup makes it a bit tough to order if you lack Chinese language skills; I tried to eat here a couple of years ago and only managed to get potatoes. You also need Chinese-style crowd navigation skills to order when it is busy, so it may be best to come here with a local friend.)

Marinated shredded vegetables and tofu, ready to be piled into sandwiches:

Two kinds of meat:

Hot and numbing potatoes. (They look nice, but were some of the worst I've ever eaten, cold and dry in places and far too oily.)

My chicken sandwich, with warmed-up spicy filling stuffed into warm bread, was fantastic. Too delicious to stop and photograph.

People were also devouring grilled meat on skewers. Most of the garbage bags being collected looked like this:

Glamour photography places had their spokesmodels out posing:

Chinese Name: 乐来锅魁

Location: Chunxi Rd, in front of Isetan and Ito Yokado

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