Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is my new favourite cup of coffee in town, in a nicely appointed and thoughtfully decorated coffee shop across from the Hong Wa Si theatre complex.

It's billed as a Scandinavian coffee shop. The menu, in both English and Chinese, is short and sweet and does a good job of explaining the offerings. There is a good selection of coffee and desserts, a few sandwiches, and some homestyle and vegetarian dishes. The coffee is decent quality, and the cake was served with real cream that was unsweetened. This felt like a miracle.

Clove studded oranges, part of the old school seasonal decorations:


Address: 成都市 一环路南一段 9 号 凯悦新城 2 楼 9 号

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  1. Hi, I found this wonderful blog today. And, as a Swede, I was very surprised to see that there's a Swedish coffe shop in Chengdu. I found their website, and it looks like they have true Swedish dishes there. Anyhow, I really like your blog. I'd like to go to Chengdu, and the reason? I want to eat all the wonderful food Sichuan provides! BTW: Did you know that "Kaffestugan" means coffee cabin?


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