Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Hot Space - Ma La Kongjian

Ma La Kongjian is a hot space in more ways than one; it's an extremely popular hot pot restaurant just west of the Sua Du restaurant and entertainment complex. The slick red, black, and yellow decor seems to intensify the buzz that always hangs around a popular hot pot restaurant. The army of servers in flame-splashed black uniforms look like a pit crew and work almost as quickly.

Yuanyang soup, white broth nice and rich and not too salty, red with a mild kick that got stronger as the night wore on:

The standard youdie of garlic in sesame oil shows their attention to presentation:

Some of the order, clockwise from top: beef, quail eggs, cilantro meatballs, shrimp dumplings, duck intestine. The meatballs and shrimp dumplings are not their strong point, but the beef and duck intestine were very good.

A bit more of the order. This picture is more jumbled, but I'll try clockwise from top again: enoki mushrooms, pumpkin, lotus root, tofu skin (under the lotus root), wood ear mushroom, feng wei, potato noodle, potato slices, cauliflower. We also got an order of shao fen (potato starch noodle) which swells up in the spicy soup and gets slippery and sticky and elastic all at once. Tough to grab with the chopsticks, but very delicious.

The standards of hygiene were noticeably higher than average; the fully equipped bathrooms were kept very clean and vacated tables were being cleaned with a squeegee.


Name: 麻辣空间
Address: 通慈路39号一江城花2楼

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