Monday, December 28, 2009

Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles

The other day I was looking for a warm snack on a chilly afternoon near Gong He Cun and was coming up short. The tapioca lady was not at her post, the congee seller was sold out, and I didn't have enough room for noodles or mao cai. Then I spied a vendor of Hong Kong style waffles (鸡蛋仔) inside the very new and still half-empty shopping complex.

I'd eaten these once before, from a street vendor. That time I got soft, deflated puffs tasting mostly of chemical fake dairy, like the smell of cheap theatre popcorn. I decided the snack was worth another try and ordered a sesame waffle.

The batter is poured into a special waffle iron that flips over. The waffle iron appeared to be Teflon coated, but some pieces still stuck:

I liked this version a lot better than the one I had tried before. The puffs were crisp enough to hold their shape and soft on the inside. They used artificial flavouring though. I would not hesitate to eat them again, even though they are pretty expensive at five yuan per serving.

Address: 红瓦寺街 共和村商铺1-08

First floor of the shopping complex at Gong He Cun, a street which branches off of Hong Wa Si street.

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