Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yong He Soy Milk

Yong He Soy Milk is a chain with several branches in Chengdu that serve up basic and quality Chinese food in a comfortable, informal atmosphere. I don't often bring tourists here, but it's one of the first places I introduce to new residents. Since soy milk is their specialty, they open early and are very busy for breakfast and lunch. You can see many locals dipping youtiao (long, not-sweet doughnuts) into steaming bowls of soy milk at breakfast, or eating pot stickers and dumplings or fried eggs. Table sharing is very common at the busier branches.

At lunch, about a third of the tables seem to have an order of stewed ribs and rice (大排饭). The meat is tender with just the right amount of richness, and you get half a stewed egg and greens with the order. They often run out.

The vegetable soup (素菜汤) is always a great indicator of kitchen quality. Note the fresh and clean greens, and how they use real soup broth instead of water.

An order of green pepper and beef fried rice (青椒牛肉炒饭). Not greasy, and with an excellent stuff/rice ratio.

This is the branch on Xi Da street, (2nd floor of Golden Hawaii building) showing their red and white logo and writing in traditional Chinese characters:

They charge not quite double what you would pay for the same items in a local place but the cleanness and quality of the food, served up by well-trained staff, make the prices very worth it. However, they are not always consistent between branches and I suspect a few are copycat restaurants. The above location on Xi Da Street is a solid choice. The one on Fang Cao Street is one of my favourites (they used to burn their soy milk a lot but have been better lately). The Kehua North Road branch is good and has the most gorgeous, silky soy milk ever. The branches on the east and south first ring and the branches in the Auchan supermarkets can be skipped. However, if I find myself hungry in an unfamiliar area of the city, I am pretty happy to catch a glimpse of that red sign.

Name: 永和豆浆

Addresses for a few of their locations:

Yanshikou, downtown: 锦江区东御街19号人民商场B1楼

Kehua North Rd: 武侯区棕北小区科华北路46号

Fang Cao Street: 武侯区芳草西二巷22号

Xi Da Street: 青羊区西大街84号金色夏威夷2楼


  1. Hi! Thanks very much for a truly informative and tireless effort in maintaining your blog. I appreciate your meticulous attention to facts & detail which was very helpful, even for someone like me who just visited Chengdu for the 1st time on 27th Dec 2009.
    fyi, i tried to have a bite at the Xi Da St but it seems to have been taken over by a new shop called Delicious Wing. Or did i wander into a different place?

  2. Welcome to Chengdu. I haven't been there lately so you could be right...


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