Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guanghua Village Snack Street

The busiest and most delicious snack streets are often located near schools and universities. The Guanghua Village snack street is just adjacent to the Sichuan Administrative College, and opposite the second south gate of the Southwest University of Finance and Economics. It extends a longs ways back from the street and is lined with small restaurants, sweet shops, and food carts.

Everyone on the street seemed to be munching on a ball or two of tang you guo zi (糖油果子)along with whatever else they were eating. I've never been a fan of this sweet, but these were served piping hot and were miraculously crispy outside and soft inside.

You can see the attention to detail just in how the raw dough is laid out. There are actually two manning this cart, one guy cooking and the other tossing cooked balls in sesame and taking orders. The guy with the wok was paying close attention to the temperature and condition of the sweetened oil, which was uncommonly clean. They were only 1.5 yuan per stick.

One of the specialties of Sichuan is 'iron plate' barbecue. You choose your items on skewers just like for regular barbecue, but then they are cooked on a flat metal grill. They are often partly deep fried first. Waertie barbecue, the shop with the greasy green sign, uses the deep fry method and then arranges your selection nicely on one of the trays. I picked up pea shoots, herbs and pork wrapped in tofu skin, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, zucchini, konnyaku, and some thin and very sweet sausage.

This is the after-school crowd, at about 5:30 in the evening. Later on the stinky tofu vendors and barbecue carts come out.

Location: Guanghua Village street, just beside main gate of Sichuan Administrative College

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