Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to the Tea Market

Early this week I went back to the Wukuaishi tea market, in search of something to drink in cooler weather. I was specifically on the lookout for pu-erh tea and Yunnan red. On this trip I realized I'd only seen a tiny corner of the tea market before. It does span several streets and buildings.

One of the many tea culture sculptures in the area:

Workers picking through Tie Guan Yin in front a shop specializing in this kind of tea. We tasted some but thought the prices quoted were a bit high for the quality.

Tea Joy, which I referred to in a previous post, seemed way more expensive than before. If you come here, bargain hard.

Some bags of small pressed Pu-erh; Tibetan brick tea on lower left:

Besides tea there are all manner of flowers, herbs, and fruit for steeping. My friends bought rosebuds, lavender, and sliced licorice root.

Location: Wukuaishi Tea Market, close to Wukuaishi bus station.

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