Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yang Yang

Yang Yang belongs to the infamous 'fly shack' (苍蝇馆子) genre of restaurant, which means a modest place with walls open to the outside that serves basic Sichuanese or homestyle food. Yang Yang distinguishes itself with very good classic dishes as well as a couple more unusual ones and an upper floor with washrooms and private rooms. The place is extremely popular among both locals and foreigners.

When the server set the hot dishes down, they were still carrying smoky pepper fumes from the wok. Clockwise from bottom: spicy cold pork slices mixed with garlic, very tender beef stir fried with green pepper, dry-fried green beans (must order), and a wood ear mushroom dish.

Not lovely, but very crunchy and tasty gong bao ji ding:

One dish that gets carried to many tables is the Japanese tofu (日式铁板豆腐), tender fried pieces of soft golden tofu in a sweet and sour sauce. The classic Sichuan crispy fish (脆皮鱼) is beautiful and another must order. The fried potatoes are very popular as well.

They are busy enough to require a fee for the private rooms, but it can be waived if your bill goes over a certain amount. This plus the open BYOB policy make Yang Yang a very inexpensive place for a group.

Storefront, behind trees on a residential street, very easy to walk by:

Service is very efficient but can be uncooperative to surly, and don't bother trying to eat there during afternoon mahjong time. I'm putting a not-spicy label on this post, not because you can't get hot food here but because many of their best dishes are not spicy and it's a very good place for people who can't handle heat. Also hear they have an English menu.

Name: 杨杨 餐馆
Address: 武侯区锦苑巷24号 West of Sichuan University West gate; north of American consulate in Zongbei area. Most cab drivers know it.


  1. I love Yang Yang! I have lived in Chengdu for 4 years now and just discovered in about 6 months ago. I will go tomorrow for my lunch!

  2. Yes, the place needs no introduction to most locals.


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