Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pizza and Sweet

"Is your fruit pizza made the same way? With ketchup and cheese, and baked?" I asked the server.

"Yes, the same. Baked."

"What fruit do you use?" (The girls at the next table were sharing a fruit salad, cubes of either apple or Asian pear tossed in mayonnaise.)

"It's sweet. Do you want one?"

"Oh, next time."

I wasn't curious enough to order the fruit pizza, though one left the shop in a large takeout box while I was there. The shop had only three small tables, but a steady stream of customers ordering takeout kept the staff on their toes.

The all-Chinese menu board advertises fragrant chicken pizza, beef pizza, sausage pizza, and the fruit pizza. I'd ordered a small fresh vegetable pizza (鲜蔬比萨) for nine yuan. The six inch crust was spread with ketchup and covered with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, corn, and peas. ('Ketchup' and 'tomato sauce' both translate to 蕃茄酱, so in Chinese there's officially no difference.)

The sweet part of the menu includes green bean and red bean soup, sundaes, and toast (考土司). You can get toast spread with peanut butter, jam, or chocolate syrup for two yuan, or toast with ham, ketchup, and egg.


Name: 比萨甜品
Location: 小南街 13 号

North part of Xiao Nan Street, opposite west gate of People's Park.

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  1. Hey, my home is near there. This pizza store has been there about several years, very cheap and tastes not bad


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