Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cold Mixed Rice Noodles at Yunnan Mengzi

All the other customers in Yunnan Mengzi were eating Crossing the Bridge Noodles, which is also my default order. This time I decided to break tradition and asked for cold mixed rice noodles (凉拌米线). A bowl of fresh rice noodles arrived topped with cilantro, sliced chicken, spicy garlic oil, peanuts, and shredded carrots:

This branch of Yunnan Mengzi has long been one of my favourite places to eat and bring visitors, but it wasn't as good as usual. The quality of the chicken was fine, but instead of the crispy fried pieces of chicken in the picture they used sliced white meat, a disappointing bait and switch. I also ordered a plate of greens, which came out way too salty.The formerly excellent service was careless, and the dining room is looking and feeling a bit neglected . I may have to stick with their other branch on Renmin Middle Road.

Name: 云南蒙自过桥米线
Location:陕西街, 菜市场 对面

On Shaanxi Street across from the farmer's market, on the next block down from all the tailor shops.

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