Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chicago Cheesecake from Good Wood

Most coffee houses in Chengdu are, unfortunately, grim places. The decor usually includes thick drapes, tablecloths, and cloth upholstery; all of which suffer in the dank climate and clouds of cigarette smoke. They serve a harsh cup of coffee, and charge 25 to 35 yuan or more for the most basic kind. (To put things into perspective, 35 yuan is about what you would spend in an entire day going to Luodai, climbing the wall, drinking tea at the Jinlong temple, taking a bus back to the old town, seeing the sights while eating excellent snacks, and coming home.)

Good Wood is a typical coffee house chain that is found all over Chengdu. I've stepped into a few and stepped out again due to the smoke, and had mediocre cups of coffee in others. I ended up in this one near Hong Wa Si because I was tired of the tea house next door. My server, however, was exceptionally nice and helpful as she took my order, explaining the flavours of all the desserts. She described the Chicago cheesecake as a bit tart, and it did have the cheese tang that is missing from most cheesecake you buy here:

Mainly because of the friendly and enthusiastic server, afternoon coffee and cake felt like a real treat.

Good Wood Coffee: 良木缘咖啡西餐

South of first ring, Hong Wa Si area on south side of Jiuyan Bridge. I hope this is the right address; there are many branches around the university.

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  1. Is good wood coffee a chengdu coffee chain? Or is it found in other parts of china? do you know if they have a website?


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