Friday, September 18, 2009

Yetihua Pig Feet

Chinese people appreciate pig feet (蹄花) much more than we do in the West. There are two restaurants specializing in this part of the animal right next to each other on Shuangnan Street (right across from the big Ren Ren Le). The sign leaves no doubt about what you will find inside:

They have stewed pigs' feet in a variety of preparations, like white bean and ginkgo. I chose suan cai (pickled mustard greens) and asked for a plate of shredded zucchini on the side. Eating the foot is not that complicated; after taking out a couple of large bones the rest can be pulled apart into bite sized pieces. You put them into your mouth, work off the edible portions, and spit out the rest. The salty and tangy hot sauce is perfect for dipping the rich, mild skin and fat.

Women often eat pigs feet because the fat and collagen are good for the skin.

The servers here are extremely efficient though can be tough to understand (they don't seem to run into many foreigners, which is a shame.)

Name: 夜蹄花
Address: 武侯区双楠路257号

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