Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breakfast at the Market

This morning I woke up, filled a big travel mug with fresh coffee, and poured a little syrup and butter into a snap lid container. Then went straight to this booth at the Yulin Market, whose sign proclaims "Fresh and Tender Corn Cakes":

The booth has only been open this summer, and often has lineups. They grind the fresh corn on the spot. I served the corn cakes at a brunch once, and people couldn't get enough. Here is my Y2 worth, before they got dunked in the butter and syrup:
There is a small square outside the market with benches, though it is busy in the mornings.

UPDATE OCT 09 - This stall no longer selling corn cakes. Fresh potato chips instead. Still worth a visit.

Address: Yulin market, between Yulin Road and Yulin Street. 玉林菜 市场 玉林西街 12 号


  1. Those look yummy! Do you know of a recipe? The only recipes I can find online are from southern US sources using buttermilk or Mexican cookbooks using cilantro.
    So jealous of you living in Chengdu! I check your site at least everyday! Keep on posting and someday I hope to be back in Chengdu... for more than a week!

  2. I hope you get to come back too! I don't know how they make the batter. The cakes are fried, covered, inside metal rings. Very interesting to watch, but I doubt the booth will be open much longer into the fall.


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