Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vegetarian Lifestyle

A week ago I had the chance to meet up with several other foreigners at one of the city's most popular vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarian Lifestyle (枣子树素餐馆) is an upscale chain vegetarian restaurant with a menu covering many parts of China. Based on online reviews, the menu in Chengdu seems to be the same as offered in other cities. Besides the chance to meet up with some lovely people, it was pretty interesting to compare the vegetarian dishes with those at other places. Many dishes were ordered, but I only got to snap a few pictures.

Cashew chicken, very good:

A vegetarian version of Peking duck. The wraps are in the background:

Tofu skin roll appetizer, a bit sloppy:

Their baked double mushrooms with broccoli and cheese looks and tastes very un-Chinese, more like something you would make in the oven at home. The Wuxi ribs with rice cake were fine. I was impressed with some dishes and unimpressed with others. The sauces in particular were too sweet and stiff, and seemed more like bulk bottled sauces than something coming out of a serious kitchen. Lots to like about this restaurant, but is more of a neighbourhood than a destination place.

Name in Chinese: 枣子树素餐馆

Address: 青羊区青龙街27号铂金城购物广场4楼
Just off of Renmin Zhong Lu, not far from Wenshu Temple.

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