Friday, August 28, 2009

Ruxuan Seafood Congee

This is the restaurant with water running over the windows on Kehua North Road. The high-walled booths and lighting make it a date and business dinner destination. Ruxuan appears to be a Guangzhou based chain, and serves Cantonese congee and other Guangdong style fare in rather small portions. Besides the tureen of congee, we got some shrimp dumplings:

Whole shrimp, with nice bite but quite a bit of filler, in wrappers that were sticking to their tart molds. Every table seemed to have an order of soup dumplings (灌汤包子) so we asked for those as well, which came in the same tart molds. The dumplings had thick wrappers and were light on the soup, but tasted fine.

This apple pastry (苹果大饼) was loved by everyone:

Their congee was saltier and not as creamy as other Cantonese congee I've eaten in Chengdu, but tasted great. We foreigners did find the shell-on shrimp that came in the congee a little hard to eat neatly. The crab congee would have been even more challenging, I think.

Address: 如轩海鲜粥 武侯区科华北路30号

Not far south of the first ring, on Kehua North Road

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