Friday, August 28, 2009

Bamboo Basket Mao Cai World

Mao cai - even saying it feels satisfying. This simple but spicy street food and lunch option consists of vegetables and meat placed in a small basket and then hung inside a very spicy and numbing soup to cook. You get served whatever you ordered along with some of the soup. Mao cai is usually eaten with rice on the side.

At this mao cai place near the south gate of Sichuan university, I asked for a vegetarian mao cai (全蔬冒菜). (Strict vegetarians may object to eating mao cai since all the orders are cooked in the same soup.) The kitchen workers then called me to pick out my vegetables, which was a nice touch. I chose potato, lettuce heart, two kinds of tofu, bok choy, wood ear mushroom, and konnyaku. Lotus root and cubes of blood are among the most popular selections, and bean sprouts are default.


Location: 竹篓香冒菜馆 武侯区川大南门外竹林村三单元门口 (This is more of a description.) From south gate of Sichuan university, turn left. It's a block or so down. You can't miss all the Coca-Cola signage.

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