Sunday, July 19, 2009

True Heart Steamed Buns

People can get cranky if they can't get what they want in the morning. The server at this baozi joint, noting my disappointment at the lack of ya cai buns(芽菜包子), suggested shiitake mushroom filling instead (香菇包子) and didn't charge me for them. Morning lineup:

Steamed buns are one of those magic snacks that can always fill you up until the next meal. Finding good ones can be tough though. The most common problem is they are too greasy, with stains leaking through the buns. The stuffing can be off (or burned) as well. They come in large size, with a higher filling/bun ratio, or these little ones. Ya cai (a sweetish pickled vegetable) mixed with ground pork is my favourite and default order, though there are several sweet and savoury options as well as vegetable buns (素菜包子). These mushroom and pork stuffed buns were fantastic, though a little greasy. I didn't miss the ya cai that much. Y1 worth of steamed buns:

Address: #62 Fang Cao Dong Jie 芳草东街 62 号

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