Thursday, July 30, 2009

Qionglai Noodles in Soup

Walking by, you notice several signs that Dai Family Qionglai Style Soup Noodles (代氏邛崃清汤面) is a good place to eat: people of various ages and professions fill the tables; another storefront on the same street has been taken over as an overflow dining room; an unrelated restaurant has opened up nearby serving the same type of food. (This last trick is really annoying; I often see the newcomer first and end up going into the wrong restaurant.) This type of success with this simple of a menu must mean they are doing something very right.

Plain broth soup noodles (清汤面), the house specialty, in a very generous one liang serving. Chicken pieces on top, surprisingly not bony. The broth was really amazing and fresh tasting. A new favourite, and really makes me want to visit Qionglai.

They were charging Y2 for a bowl of cabbage, which I thought was a major gouge. When I got the vegetable, I understood. It's a good sized serving, floating in the same amazing soup.

I wanted to sample a spicy dish here so asked for a one liang serving of su jiao noodles (素椒面). (Really don't get the name - 'plain pepper noodles'?) This is a standard dry mixed noodle with oil and seasonings on the bottom and meat on the top, and was spicy enough to make me break a sweat. The really neat thing was that the meat mixture had some crunch, even after being stirred up.

One part of their very long sign out front:

代氏邛崃清汤面 Address: 武侯区情融路2-3号

Outside the west first section of the second ring.

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