Thursday, July 2, 2009

宜人快餐 -Pleasing Quick Meals

This 'quick meal' shop in a flimsy looking building on Fang Cao Street displays their specialty with a large stack of little steamer baskets in the front window. Each basket holds a serving of beef and rice meal steamed together (粉蒸牛肉). They season the beef and rice meal with raw garlic, red oil, and cilantro, and it melts in your mouth. They also offer a short but typical quick meal menu that covers several noodle dishes, a few fried rice selections, and 'stuff on rice' (gai jiao fan) plates. Steam baskets:

Today I walked in shortly before noon, and though there were only a couple of people eating the staff was clearly primed for a rush. Customers were greeted with, "Dian sazi?", meaning, "What's your order?" as soon as they stepped in. I felt like I was breaking the rhythm by sitting down and looking at the menu board for a few seconds before requesting a bowl of crisp-seasoned noodles (脆绍面):

These noodles usually have dried red pepper flakes in the topping and are much spicier than other styles of dry mixed noodles. This version was on the mild side, but was very good. The two liang serving was very generous. I would order one liang next time. Eat in customers are served a bowl of cooking water to drink. I've received plain noodle water at this place before, but this time I ended up with a weak tomato broth which was the most perfect thing to drink with the rich and spicy noodles. I also love the tomato egg noodles (蕃茄鸡蛋面) here; they cook the egg to order so you get it crackling hot.

Customers using the outside rice pot wash basin to clean up before eating:

They do quite a bit of takeout and delivery business. The yuxiang shredded pork fried rice (鱼香肉丝炒饭) I had delivered one night tasted great, had a very good stuff/rice ratio and wasn't greasy at all.

Address: 宜人快餐 芳草街45-3号

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