Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hakka Style Bean Starch Noodles

"This is called bing fenr", said the mother to her little girl beside me, who was spooning up a bowl of sweet jelly and syrup. We were on Shuwa Street downtown, inside a narrow shop that sells various varieties of cool summer snacks. I was glad of the mother's reminder since I have a tough time keeping the names straight.

冰粉 (bīng fĕn), with a few cubes of watermelon on top:

Hakka style liang fen, or cool bean starch noodles, are called 伤心凉粉 shāngxīn liángfĕn, meaning 'sad noodles'. It makes for some interesting Chinglish on shop signs.

凉粉, liángfĕn; seasoned with vinegar, chili oil, peanuts, scallions, etc:

This was one unusual offering in the shop - a kind of sticky rice pancake. I expected it to be cold but it was heated piping hot before being sprinkled with sesame seeds and doused in syrup. I got over my disappointment since it was delicious. It's called 锅魁 guōkuí but was very different from any guo kui I'd previously encountered:

The place is always very busy. You are almost guaranteed to be sharing a table with someone. I am looking forward to going back for their 凉面 liángmiàn - wheat noodles tossed with seasonings, very hot; and for the 凉糕 liánggāo - smooth, cool rice flour based pudding, also doused in syrup. It's a good place to come for a treat after eating chuan chuan. Most snacks are Y3-Y5.


Address: South Shuwa Street #34 (暑袜南街34号) Shuwa street is between Tianfu Square and Chunxi Road.


  1. Being in Chengdu,stomach is never satisfied.Once i met an American,who was studying in Sichuan University,and was married to a beautiful Chengdu lady,he just kept talking,when referring to Chengdu snacks.God,i miss these so much!

  2. Chengdu food is so delicious. I envy you!


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